ViCAP Seal

Look for the Seal

All products featuring the ViCAP Seal promise true functionality:

Drink functionality is exactly as advertised. That means no promises are made that can not be delivered or might generate false perceptions on product benefits among consumers.

Drinks don't compromise on function and quality. While taste is subjective, functionality and quality are not. ViCAP functionalities are researched, tested and confirmed

Product quality lives up to the most stringent industry standards. Ingredients are natural, fresh, healthy and produced at state of the art manufacturing facilities in Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

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Since founded in 2005 ViCAP has researched, developed, partnered, fought, improved and is doing so today, tomorrow, for the far future, going and going, like a Swiss clockwork with the one an only target to constantly challenge what is current and innovate towards where we want to be.

In the process of continuous innovation we advance ViCAP technologies and file for patents along the way.

ViCAP closure and dispensing systems are patented globally!

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