Products using ViCAP

ViCAP products with amazing functionalities are brought to you by our partner companies and are available in various countries.


Quickcap by Orthomol is an innovative solution for people who are aware of a healthy living!

Quickcap is available online and in pharmacies throughout Germany!

Orthomol develops and distributes food supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes which are employed in special circumstances or as part of nutritional therapy.



The Driver's Drink

Powerlook is not an energy drink, not a cola, not a coffee, but the first Driver's Drink.

Whenever you are challenged, Powerlook makes every moment more effective. You see it, you feel it, you taste it: fruity, fresh and berry.

Powerlook is available in 7eleven's and high way rest stop stores throughout Germany, Austria and Russia.



Release The GOOD - Push the BUTTON

Positive Energy, Rehydration, and Healthy Vitamins in one go!

Ink contains few calories, only natural flavour, natural fruit sugar, extract from Stevia and comes in the form of 4 different vitamin waters and 3 ice teas .

A potent mix of 9 essential vitamins available in 7elven's throughout Norway.



HEYLIKEWOW is bringing you a wide range of vitamin rich natural products. No conservatives! No Sugar! Low Calories.

HEYLIKEWOW is available online and in most Tesco stores throughout the UK.



A halal line of products brining Joy to the orient in form of low calories, natural, fruity vitamin drinks.

Crisp & Sweet. The healthy joy drink is available in stores throughout the Emirates.


WoW Protein

Latest innovation in Sports Drink coming in November in TESCO all over UK!