ViCAP Beverages

ViCAP Beverages

The newest innovation in hydration, ViCAP beverages

Go into a local shop and see the shelves filled with different types of drinks, with different aims. Some are meant to make consumers healthier, some are meant to make them fitter, some are meant to make them able to run faster or longer and all of them are meant to taste good. Functional beverages are designed for health conscious people who want to have drinks that supplement their rigorous lifestyles. The core problem which these products encounter is that, whether a health drink is supposed to be providing customers with amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes, or just energy, they need to taste great and retain their flavours and effectiveness.

A new definition of functional drinks

With ViCAP, all these things can be delivered in an effective and tasty manner, with what makes ViCAP special, as the name suggests, their innovative and useful caps for drinks. What ViCAP’s products do is pack all the things that make a drink flavoursome or healthy, the functional ingredients, into a small compartment inside the cap. Then, when the sports cap is pushed down, it punctures the aluminium foil which holds the functional ingredients, releasing them into the water. Essentially, ViCAP separates the functional ingredients from the liquid in the bottle until one wishes to drink it. This makes sure the effectiveness of the drink is preserved until the moment of consumption.

Bioavailability, what makes ViCAP stand out?

So what does this mean for the standard healthy drink? Well, in short it’s now at a better standard. The way in which ViCAP flavours are dispensed means that there is significantly less time for the flavour or the health benefits of the drink to be lost. In a beverage in which the flavour and functional part of the product are included with the drink itself at a manufacturing stage, there is a significant time during which the aromatics are left in the water. This may sound normal, and it is. But what it does is it leaves the aromatics to corrode in the drink – lessening what the consumer can get out of them. This is especially the case with sports or health drinks, which are yet meant to give customers certain benefits. But it can affect the flavour, too.

What ViCAP does is make sure that the functional elements of the beverage are included when one is ready to drink it. That’s what makes it so innovative. It sounds simple, but almost all of the best ideas are. By reducing the time that the aromatic has to corrode, ViCAP drinks retain more of their health or performance benefits. What this does, in technical terms, is increase the bioavailability of the beverages. This is a really simple concept, just meaning that a larger percentage of the function of the drink is passed on to the person consuming it. So, the better the bioavailability, the more of the function the consumer gets out of a drink.

An innovation in the way of hydrating

This is what makes ViCAP drinks so special and innovative. By making sure that more vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and herbal extracts can be packed into the drink, they make sure that customers get the maximum benefit possible. In normal drinks the unavoidable contact that they have with oxygen and sunlight increases the rate at which the functional elements of the drink corrode. This makes normal drinks less useful to the consumer. They lose their potency and more importantly, they lose their flavour over time. With ViCAP’s creative solution people can be sure that the benefits of their beverages make it straight to them.

What’s even more, the method that ViCAP has of packing flavour into its drinks means that they can be bolder with the flavours themselves. By increasing the potency and taste of their drinks, more nuanced flavours can be included and put into the ViCAP. As stated before, one of the most important elements of any functional drink is going to be flavour. Consumers certainly won’t have to compromise on the taste of their drinks with ViCAP beverages, as everything is more potent and more effective. So when they enjoy a ViCAP drink they know that they really are getting everything there is to get!