ViCAP around the world

ViCAP around the world

Taking ViCAP around the world

The variety of different beverages a supermarket has to offer is amazing. At the same time it makes choosing the right drink extremely difficult. In 2005 the Swiss company ViCAP Systems was founded. From an idea, ViCAP quickly became a simplification for people’s everyday lives. Now, consumers can create their own drinks with a simple push whenever and wherever they want benefiting from rich flavours and an ideal freshness.

ViCAP’s sport cap is the solution

The revolutionary idea behind ViCAP is that the ingredients are stored separately from the water inside the bottle until ready to drink, helping to contain their bioavailability. By being stored inside the cap of the bottle the powder or liquid is protected from sunlight, oxygen, and water. Before consumption a little plastic nail is pushed down, piercing the aluminium foil on the bottom of the cap and thus releasing the ingredients into the water. After a quick shake of the bottle the drink is ready to be enjoyed. As the aromatic substances are not stored within the water their flavours are incredibly intense and fresh.

Areas of use

As ViCAP always strives to find new ways of convincing and surprising their customers it doesn’t come as a surprise that our products are distributed worldwide. Our functional drinks are produced in a versatile manner making it able to reach a large target audience. We also take characteristic cultural features and religious orientations into account in order to create a broad and appealing product line-up.

Halal in the Gulf States

Muslims are only allowed to consume food, which is “halal” that thus doesn’t contain carrion, blood, pork or anything intoxicant like, alcohol. The processing and production of food is also examined and checked. Some juice drinks contain minimal traces of alcohol whether due to the way of production or through natural fermentation. Depending on religious orientations and school of jurisprudence some Muslims can’t consume those products – and even when they can, some still avoid eating or drinking them. Our Sport-Cap-Closure offers the possibility to create beverages with a similar taste covering the daily requirements of vitamins whilst being halal. Because the additives are stored separately from the liquid they are kept from harmful factors and don’t corrode.

The distribution of ViCAP

Even within this short period of marketing, there have been quite remarkable success stories of enterprise both new and established.

Raindrop Vitamin Water

The Irish company Raindrop Drinks offers Raindrop Vitamin Water in two exciting flavours – perfect for the right refreshment and a healthy and low-calorie diet. ViCAP’s cap technology helps keeping the additives fresh and provides consumers with a perfect supplement for their healthy lifestyles.


Long waiting periods and being stuck in traffic jams makes people tired and thirsty. Yet, a driver usually has only one spare hand to drink. The ViCAP system offers a practical and comfortable solution to this. A quick push of the plastic sprout allows the refreshing, berrylike nuances as well as the vitalising and stimulating ingredients of Powerlook to mix with the water. This beverage quickly provides consumers with strength for the rest of the day.

Ink-Drinks Norway

INK is a new line of vitamin drinks, with tasty vitamin shots stored safely in ViCAP's line of unique bottle tops, using the previously mentioned Sports-Cap-Closure. They come in four distinct flavours, all designed for positive energy, rehydration, and a dose of healthy vitamins on the go.

Orthomol Quickcap

In cooperation with the ViCAP technology Orthomol offers an innovative solution for health conscious people. Their beverage is a combination of four scientifically formulated vital substances supporting memory, beauty, the maintenance of the skin’s barrier function, and the renewal of electrolytes after workouts.