Swiss Innovation

Swiss Innovation

Think quality, think Switzerland

What comes to mind when thinking of Switzerland?

Perhaps a picture of delicious assortments of chocolates and cheeses. One might imagine goat herds and yodellers, or conjure up images of crystal-clear lakes and the snow-capped peak of the Matterhorn. Whatever ideas emerge of Switzerland, there’s no doubt people also think about the huge numbers of globally renowned Swiss brands, many of which they love and rely upon in their everyday lives. Whether they use a Swiss watch or carry a Swiss Army knife, they’ll be aware that the country has built up a great reputation for excellent products and services.

Switzerland’s charm

Perhaps part of the reason why Swiss brands are so appealing is the country’s amazing natural beauty. The incredible scenery, as well as the pristine clear lakes and the fresh mountain air, give Switzerland an idyllic charm. The unspoiled nature of the landscape definitely adds allure, and makes the area a wonderful place to live and work in. It also guarantees that Switzerland is an incredibly popular tourist destination! But as it is well-known, the name which the country has made for itself goes far beyond its stunning attractions to holidaymakers. In fact, in a recent survey, carried out by Cary Steinmann at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, Switzerland was associated most strongly with characteristics like quality and detail-orientation. So what is it about this small European nation that makes it so greatly trusted throughout the world?

Development and diversity

The country has a particularly interesting history, since it wasn’t originally formed around a specific people group. In fact, it didn’t even have a shared language. Instead, Switzerland has a total of four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansch. The mix of different cultures brings different ideas together and exposes people to new ways of thinking, allowing creativity and invention to flourish. This leads to increased innovation.

Indeed, Switzerland began to build its reputation as a pioneering state from the moment it was established. It set itself apart from the rest of Europe by maintaining its neutrality. What’s more, Switzerland became an important hub for scientific research: from the scientist Paracelsus, who changed the world’s approach to medicine in the 15th century, to Albert Einstein, who was a lecturer at the University of Bern.

Nowadays, the country is famous worldwide for research foundations, and excels in field such as nuclear research, astronomy and psychology. It also hosts a number of prestigious educational institutions, and is even home to the headquarters of many leading inter-governmental organisations – including the United Nations. It’s evident that Switzerland has a well-established reputation for excellence in all academic fields.

A high standard of living

Not only is Switzerland a hub for all kinds of cultures and ideas, but it also appears regularly on lists of best places to live in. A study conducted by Mercer ranked the 10 best places to live in the world, and found that two Swiss cities – Zurich and Geneva – came in at second and third place respectively.

The country rated particularly high for happiness and a good quality of life: the “country brand” is linked to security, safety, health, education, and a good infrastructure, according to Sarah Pulfer at the Switzerland Global Enterprise. All of these features point to the fact that Swiss products are of exceptionally high quality. Switzerland is also thriving economically, with its main cities – such as Basel, Zurich, Bern, and Geneva – quickly becoming important European hubs.

No-nonsense values

In spite of the country’s financial success, the Swiss people remain very down-to-earth. According to Steinmann, “modesty is valued very highly in Swiss society.” “As a result”, he writes, “Switzerland stands for unostentatious wealth and understated luxury.” With an emphasis on functionality and durability, people can be sure that no Swiss product is cheaply made or poorly designed.

It is clear how Switzerland’s history has given the country its well-deserved reputation for quality. A beautiful country which welcomes new cultures and ideas, the nation is financially thriving but dedicated to simplicity and practicality.

The latest Swiss innovation

As an exciting new Swiss brand, ViCAP perfectly represents these values, and reflects the country’s commitment to producing high-quality goods. The innovative Sport-Cap-Closure will transform the way in which flavoured drinks are enjoyed. ViCAP’s bottle top provides new levels of freshness and simplicity for anyone who wants to enjoy juices, cordials, protein shakes, and other refreshing beverages.

The functionality of the Sport-Cap-Closure also makes it ideal for usage in the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to its precision and the simple, easy method of dispensing powders or syrups into the water. ViCAP produces high-quality items, from a country which is already renowned for its excellent products.