Penta Awards 2014

Penta Awards 2014Penta Awards 2014

ViCAP and the 2014 Pentawards

Created by Brigitte Evrard-Lauwereins and Jean Jacques Evrard, the Pentawards have been a great opportunity for innovative packaging companies to shine, and show the packaging design industry what they have to offer since 2007.

In 2014, the awards were hosted in Tokyo, Japan (the head office is in Brussels, Belgium), and were judged by an impressive panel of 13 industry experts: this year’s international jury was chaired by Gérard Caron of France and included people such as Russia's Anna Lukanina and Asa Cook of the UK. Their mission? To promote great packaging art and design throughout the industry, the press, and both 'political and economical authorities' across the world.

Each year, entrants are accepted from aspiring companies in Europe, America, and as far as the Asia-pacific region, with a range of categories. From beverage packaging, food packaging, body products, luxury items, and other markets. Each is judged according to execution, creativity, innovation, and branding. 2014 INK drinks, using the ViCAP System technology, was awarded.

What is ViCAP?

ViCAP is a smart innovation from Switzerland. They've noticed that throughout the day, as a drink sits in its bottle, any active ingredients (vitamins, protein powders, flavours) grow stale and lose their potential as they come into contact with light and oxygen. The solution? ViCAP's innovative Sport-Cap-Closure.

But how exactly does it work?

The main aim of ViCAP is to keep 'functional ingredients', as mentioned above, separate from the 'base liquid'. This preserves efficiency, taste, and shelf life whilst remaining sustainable, functional, and convenient. The liquid, or powder, is separated by a thin layer of foil, which is punctured when the red nail is pressed, allowing it to mix with the base liquid and create deliciousness.

Releasing the flavours and functional ingredients only minutes before drinking can ensure it tastes great and reaches its full potential. The cap is also user friendly – it's light enough to be portable, comes in a variety of bottle neck sizes, and is simple and easy to clean.

Exploring the INK drinks range

INK is a new line of vitamin drinks, with tasty vitamin shots stored safely in ViCAP's line of unique bottle tops, using the previously mentioned Sports-Cap-Closure. They come in four distinct flavours, all designed for positive energy, rehydration, and a dose of healthy vitamins on the go.

They include the fabulous Bursting Orange and Mango – described as a sunny mix of orange and mango, like going to the beach. Followed by the amazing Bittersweet Citrus – a lovely mix of freshly squeezed lemons and limes. Next there is the Ruby Red Strawberries – it really captures the colour and taste of bright red summer strawberries and last but not least, Green Envy Apple and Pear – a glorious green drink.

All these fresh flavours contain a healthy mix of nine carefully chosen essential vitamins. They're also a healthy option, with only a few calories, naturally added flavour, and sweetness from fruit sugars, all kept fresh and at their fullest potential with the ViCAP. They're all brightly coloured and eye catching, designed for maximum tastiness.

What's next for ViCAP Systems?

This was just another in a line of awards for ViCAP (they were awarded for Design Excellence and The World Beverage Innovation Reward previously in the year, they also won the Aqua Award in 2009 in the category Best Product Innovation or Design) and are now working with Orthomol on a new variation of their closure – the Quickcap.