My favorite beverage? A powder!

My favorite beverage? A powder!

Who invented it?

The ViCAP sport cap is a revolutionary fusion of two proven systems to a common every day solution. The advantages of the sport cap, which is already popular among the consumers worldwide, are combined with the advantages of a storage system – an invention of the Swiss company ViCAP Systems.

Beverages with future

The increased supermarket supply makes it possible for consumers to choose from a variety of beverages in different sizes. From real taste experiences to healthy vitamin bombs, there is offered and promised a lot to the consumer who is concerned about health and vitality. At this point the more manageable 0.33 – 0.5l bottles are used which are proved to be practical for sports and everyday life.

Mix it yourself – convenient or flexible?

This trend seemed to be stopped for a short term. An appearance that first caused a stir was the beverage syrups that came in conjunction with soda devices like the Wassermax. Therefore it was possible for the consumer to mix own beverages at home and the task of carrying heavy bottles was eliminated. First of all this was convenient and seemed practical. Just as quickly this trend, however, disappeared again because the dosing of syrup was a balancing act and after a little while the mixtures tasted stale. Conventional products such as soft and functional drinks from the supermarket just tasted better.

The solution of the problems is VICAP

Due to the patented ViCAP the company ViCAP Systems has created a potential product for a revolution in that field. Thanks to the development of this new cap the consumer is able to mix own beverages at home and everywhere with consistent quality and without any dosing problems.

The system of the cap

At first ViCAP looks like the common sport cap. In addition to the proven advantages such as leakage protection and the possibility to open it easily, ViCAP offers even more: Inside the cap is an integrated chamber where different functional substances like fluids or powders can be kept. The moment the consumer pushes the red nail into the cap, the chamber is opened and the substance will be liberated into the bottle. This ensures the functional substances of the concentrate are released just in the moment chosen by the consumer and preserved until then. The nail remains in the cap while the mouthpiece can be used as usually and is resealable. The following applies: turn the cap, push the nail and the end product is ready to drink.

Flexibility and mobility in production and daily routine

The industrial produced and filled ViCAP can be used as Bottler Application but it is also suitable for a single cap solution, which can be put on a refillable bottle. Since it can also be produced for different bottle sizes it enables a high level of flexibility and leaves space for new types of beverages. This applies for both the final consumption as well as for the development of new functional substances for filling. In the ViCAP sensitive ingredients are better protected than in the bottle.

Amongst the end consumers there will be soon a simplification in the daily routine. The idea behind this: By purchasing of a bottle with ViCAP the need to purchase heavy bottles is eliminated as it was the same idea for separate beverage syrups. With ViCAP the bottle is simply filled at home with water from the tap and there is no balancing act of dosing any more. This advantage is also given for consumption of food supplements in powder form which are usually available in separate packages. In the invisible chambers of the cap they are ready to mix without any additional materials and the usual effort for the production.

Even with the standard beverages in the supermarket a changeover to practical and innovative sport caps is possible and attractive for the consumer – no more carrying of heavy bottles, the ViCAP is intuitive to use and ensures a constant quality.