Make the World a Green Place

Make the World a Green Place

Revolution in a bottle cap

Imagine a regular sports bottle cap, now add a plunger button on top. This bottle cap is screwed onto any bottle of water and the plunger pressed down, et voilà – the plain old water becomes a tasty beverage! The Sport-Cap-Closure is a revolutionary bottle cap designed by ViCAP Systems. The 38 millimetre bottle cap has a small compartment underneath it that can be filled with 12.5 millilitres of liquid or 7 grams of concentrated powder. By pressing the plunger, the seal is broken and the concentrate is released into the PET bottle below. By keeping the sensitive ingredients separate from the water until the moment of consumption the flavour is retained. Similarly, vitamins in vitamin drinks are preserved and protected from degradation. Furthermore, the consumer does not have to carry heavy glass bottles when for example going on a hiking trip. The Sport-Cap-Closure can be used for all kinds of soft drinks, sport drinks, vitamin drinks, and fruit drinks. The fastener is small and lightweight as well as made from fully recyclable PET, but this is not the only reason it is a sustainable alternative to readily-bottled beverages.

Less trucks, less pollution

Beverages are normally produced in a factory somewhere and then shipped by truck or train to sales points and stores. Long distances create huge amounts of exhaust gases which are damaging to the environment. Even though plastic bottles are already more environmentally friendly than glass bottles, ViCAP is able to top their advantages. PET bottles can be reused for about 25 times reducing the production of plastic and saving important resources sustainably. There is, however, no limit when it comes to the number of possible reuses of the ViCAP fastener in combination with a PET bottle. This way, the only parts that need to reach the consumer are the ingredients. With the help of their invention ViCAP contributes to saving the environment and climate to a huge degree.

Cold storage

As a result of the fact that the filling of the Sport-Cap-Fastener is stored free of oxygen it doesn’t need to be in cold storage, as is the case with most beverages. Cold storage units in stores use a lot of energy, especially when they are not properly closed. Instead the Sport-Cap-Fastener and the empty PET bottles can be stored as dry products, on a regular shelf that doesn’t use any energy at all. If more drinks used the Sport-Cap-Fastener system this could lead to a significant reduction in cold storage units – and thus waste of energy by stores.

Let’s start reusing!

Every year, eight million tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans, scientists say. Most of this waste eventually winds up in the so called “plastic soup” where it has huge effects on aquatic life and the food chain. The first step to solving this problem is simply to use less plastic. With the ViCAP bottle top the same PET bottle can just be used again and again, just like a shopping bag. This reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be produced significantly and prevents the arising of climate-damaging carbon dioxide which is usually set free during the production of new bottles.

Reducing lossy recycling

As the bottle cap and the PET bottle can be constantly refilled the amount of recyclable material is reduced, too. A conventional bottle that can be bought in the supermarket will be shredded after its return. During this process so-called “flakes” emerge which are cleaned and finally molten into new bottles. However, only about half the material can be used for the creation of new bottles as new PET-granulate has to be added in order to guarantee a certain level of purity. By trusting in new ways of mixed beverages stored in a cap the amount of used PET bottles will decrease and the world will automatically turn into a greener place.

ViCAP’s Sport-Cap-Closure isn’t only user-friendly as it allows an uncountable reuse of PET bottles and caps alike but it’s also good for the climate and environment. Purchase and return of plastic bottles are reduced leading to less amounts of transportation from the place of production of the bottle to the supermarkets and back. Additionally, consumers benefit from the fresh mixtures they get through ViCAP and can prepare their own drinks on the go. All they need is a PET bottle and the Sport-Cap-Closure. As long as it contains enough powder or liquid new beverages can be made.