Biosmarts: the smart choice!

Wanting to protect your health and build muscles? Don’t reach for the same old health drinks and protein shakes, grab Biosmarts instead! This great tasting drink is the brand new way to re-energise, while protecting muscles. Using the technology from ViCAP systems, Athenion has developed a new type of muscle boosting drink that stays fresh for longer, delivering the maximum effects to the body. The use of only natural, high quality ingredients enhances bioavailability, leading to more benefits in each sip. A simple click of the lid releases all the active ingredients and loads of great flavour into the water in the bottle below, creating a fresh drink full of health benefits that tastes great.

Innovative technology for that extra boost

Many people have tried health drinks before and given up on them. Similarly, many people use vitamin supplements on a daily basis, but rarely do they feel a difference. If a product does not deliver on its supposed benefits, most will stop using it, or try something else. Thankfully, with Biosmarts that difference can finally be noticed. Using their patented technology, the ViCAP system stores all the active ingredients in a small container within the lid, creating a vacuum to keep them fresh. Included in this vacuum are Biosmarts, tiny crystals made of pure nutraceutical active. One of them is rutin, the strongest flavonoid in nature which is produced by plants to fight free radicals and for UV-protection. Rutin can prevent various diseases in humans and has the ability to stabilise vitamin C which has dissolved in water. Biosmarts deliver 5 mg of Rutin per drink which is equivalent to 10 Rutin tablets, increasing bioactivation in the body. This means that the body can absorb and use vitamins and other nutrients more effectively. Rutin is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals which may lead to cancer, and increases the solubility of these natural compounds, allowing the body to optimise everything. In fact it is so powerful, that it can increase bioactivation by up to 1.000 times! Combining this with the benefits of antioxidants like Rutin, the body is better prepared to fight diseases, and muscles can become more powerful. These effects increase health and wellbeing, unlike any drink before.

Making the most out of every drink

People want drinks to taste great. In conventional beverages, where the flavour particles are exposed to water all the time, and may be in contact with sunlight or air, the taste may yet change before the drink has been enjoyed. This makes the flavour weaker and leaves the drinker less satisfied. However, with Biosmarts, the flavour is stored separately to the water until ready to drink. The vacuum lid seals the flavour in, protecting it from oxidising or changing. This means that the beverage is as fresh and flavoursome as possible, resulting in an enjoyable drink, tasting better than other options. Many people do not get enough antioxidants and probiotics through their normal diet in order to gain important health benefits. With Biosmart, there is now an easy way to achieve this. Biosmarts, as a premium product, uses the best available ingredients available and concepts adapted from the pharmaceutical industry to ensure maximum gains. This makes it a premium product, leading the way in a new generation of health drinks. In addition to disease protection and increased muscle performance, Biosmarts has benefits in other areas, including slimming, nutrition, immunity, mood, cognitive performance, and energy. With all of this packed into one drink, it’s hard to say no to Biosmarts!

The Benefits of Biosmarts

Biosmarts is a brand new techonology from Athenion, using the innovative ViCAP technology to provide maximum values to the consumer. Athenion brings the advantage of having many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with the knowledge of metabolism and body function. In addition, it uses the highest quality premium ingredients to stand out from other drinks, making it the obvious number one choice of health drinks. Biosmarts is more than the average vitamin drink. Based on scientific research, it contains high dose antioxidants to protect against diseases. The purely natural ingredients are stored in the ViCAP, to be deployed only when ready to drink, creating a fresh and flavoursome drink. The science used in Biosmarts has been tested to show that there are no side effects, and the crystals work effectively, making a very functional beverage that is good for the consumer’s health and also enjoyable. Biosmarts is a unique product, using science-based technology that is patent protected.