Aqua Awards 2009 / 2014

Aqua Awards 2009 / 2014

Prestigious honouree: the Sports-Cap Closure ViCAP and the AQUA Awards

ViCAP has recently been nominated in the finals list for the Best New Beverage Concept, Best New Brand and Best Packaging Design at the BrauBeviale World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2014. This is however not the first time that ViCAP has been highlighted for its prowess in innovation and design.

AQUA Award Winner 2009 and other commendations for ViCAP

In 2009, ViCAP won first place at the Aqua Awards from the European Bottles Watercooler Association. The prize was for the Best Product Innovation or Design and was awarded at the 15th Trade Fair and Convention in Barcelona, Spain. This prestigious award in the beverage industry is internationally acknowledged. Watercoolers Europe was founded in 1993, and is dedicated to the interest of the water cooler industry in promoting new design, innovation, and product development. The award categories include best website, best product innovation, best promotion of health and hydration, best environmental practice/green initiative, and best marketing campaign. The awards are a great opportunity for any company to promote their product, reach a wider customer base and improve on their initiative through increased publicity.

The Aqua Awards recognise outstanding contributions to all aspects of the water cooler industry from marketing to design and production. The award also acknowledges sustainability and ecologically friendly design in an attempt to increase industry excellence. Over 400 awards have been given, and a high standard achieved each year by competing companies. Accordingly, it is a great honour to receive this prestigious award. Second place within this category deservingly went to Baribua from Israel, with third place being awarded to Yesh from Belgium.

In the same year, ViCAP was a finalist for the best new closure category at the beverage innovation awards in Munich. It was an added honour to be a finalist for this category in the same year as winning the Aqua Awards, and prompted ViCAP to continue excelling in the production and design of ingenious sports cap solutions for companies across the globe.

What is ViCAP

ViCAP is a new solution to flavour and nutrient preservation. Since its founding, ViCAP has had many success stories to date as part of a number of beverage companies such as, Ink, Powerlook and Orthomol Quickcap who have utilised the ViCAP solution to keeping nutrients and flavour preserved until drinking for their products.

The premise behind ViCAP is simple and efficient. The key principles behind the company are convenience, functionality, and sustainability. The ViCAP Sports-Cap-Closure is more than just an orthodox sports cap. A discretely contained chamber disperses 12.5 millilitres of liquid concentrate or 7 grams of powder to create a flavour sensation and a nutritious supplement drink in seconds. From a bottle of water, a thirst-quenching drink or intense flavour emerges.

In current market products, vitamins are ready dispersed into the drink, resulting in weakening of the nutritional properties of vitamins and minerals. This problem is addressed by the dispensing cap from ViCAP. ViCAP prevents this decay of vital ingredients through separation of the base liquid from the liquid concentrate or powder. Using this method, ViCAP allows you to fully gain the nutritional supplements and flavour intended by the drink manufacturer.

Why choose ViCAP

ViCAP not only allows for a fuller flavour and nutritional value of drinks, but also provides a practical solution to storage at work, during sporting activities, and even at home. With the small portioned beverage cap, efficiency and shelf life are increased. You not only get to drink a healthier product, but you also get to access the ingredients you desire in a purer and more intense experience. Up to the point of consumption, your precious nutrients are kept fresh and protected in the ViCAP dispensing system. The push releases the ingredients into the water, allowing you to easily consume your product wherever you are without mixing.